My experience with Dr. Lauber

I have constantly remained in the pink of health, specifically when it concerns my reproductive organs. I had never ever had a Sexually Transmitted Illness up until a few days ago when I had vulnerable sex and contracted the Human Papilloma Infection (HPV) and now I need the best HPV doctor in Los Angeles ASAP!

How everything took place

After the unguarded sexual relations, I had a feeling that something somewhere would go wrong. It was not the first time to have unguarded sex, and I couldn’t understand why I fidgeted.

Dr. Lauber is the best genital warts treatment doctor in los angelesAfter a month or two, I noticed gray developments around my genital location. I smelt a rat. I called my partner instantly to verify my suspicion and learnt that my instincts had been right from the very first day. I was really dissatisfied. I looked for information on genital warts on Google and discovered that they do not normally cause long-term health complications. However, a significant portion of people who have a history of genital warts also have the tendency to get other STIs. This was an extremely shocking discovery.

Genital warts were things I wanted to forget as soon as I could. Life was unpleasant. The warts were pain-free, and that was a good thing. However, they would periodically itch and make me worry, especially when in the presence of other individuals. The infection likewise seemed to be growing quickly, since before I recognized it, my rectum was bleeding. It was time to get assistance.

I walked Newport Beach city searching for a gynecologist. I am that type of an individual who constantly likes the very best in whatever, so I had to look all over to obtain a respectable gynecologist. When I finally met Dr. Lauber, I knew I remained in safe hands.

Professional service

From his facial expressions to his clothing, Dr. Lauber was the expert that I had been looking for. He informed me to undress and immediately he looked at my genital areas with a magnifying lens, he reported to me that I had genital warts that were proliferating. He then took a particular cream from a cabinet nearby and smeared it on the warts. He wrote some prescription on a notepad and send me to the pharmacist. He explained that I must purchase cream he had actually smeared on the warts on my genitals and utilize it up until the warts vanish.

Before I left, Dr. Lauber encouraged me to prevent sexual intercourse until the warts cleaned up. He explained to me that in a week or two, the warts would be no more. He offered a visit in a fortnight to check on my development.

Undoubtedly, I found out a lot from Dr. Lauber that I think I could not have actually gained from anybody else. For example, he explained to me that HPV can be transferred from one contaminated individual to another even without penetrative sex when he understood that I regretted my sexual act. As long as there is skin to skin contact in between a healthy individual and an infected one, HPV can be spread. Dr. Lauber stressed on the value of persistence and proper usage of condoms in avoiding genital warts. He actually offered me several packages of condoms and advised me to make sure that I utilize them correctly.

Undoubtedly, from the method I felt as I left Orange County genital warts center, I made sure that the warts would be no more in a few days. If you have genital warts or other STI, simply look for Dr. Lauber and consider the infection cured.